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An article around our involvement with APMP
We’re heading to APMP’s Coming of Age
We’re heading to APMP’s Coming of Age 1024 1024 Contracts Advance
How to win bids
How to win bids 1024 1024 Contracts Advance

To win business within the public sector, and particularly contracts with the NHS, the relevant Commissioning Organisation will nearly always enter into a procurement process that…

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Time to up-skill article
Time To Skill Up?
Time To Skill Up? 1024 1024 Contracts Advance

Time to skill up? Bids are expensive; complicated and risky. There will be one winner from 20 organisations who apply, normally 6 will be shortlisted and…

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Basics of pre-bid engagement stage of our 7 stage bid process
Basics of Pre-Bid Engagement
Basics of Pre-Bid Engagement 1024 1024 Contracts Advance

Learn how to build relationships within the Public Sector Pre-bid engagement is the process of building a relationship with decision-makers and commissioners behind procurement teams before…

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Glossary of Bid Terms
Resource – Glossary of Bid Terms
Resource – Glossary of Bid Terms 1024 1024 Contracts Advance

Glossary of Bid Terms Whether you’re new to the pre-bidding game or you’re just looking for a refresh; we’ve compiled a helpful glossary of the most…

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Post-Brexit Public Sector Procurement
Post-Brexit Public Sector Procurement 1024 1024 Contracts Advance

As at the time of writing, Brexit has been delayed until 12 April 19 at the earliest (noting the condition the EU imposed that the deal…

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