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Contracts Advance: Bid Response Production


When producing the responses within a bid, we propose there are a minimum of five points to consider which will lead to a high-scoring submission. 


Five Key Points to Consider

Acknowledge the question –

This will help you structure the response and provide focus. You want to front-load your big selling points. Acknowledging you understand the question reduces default generic openings which may take a while to get to the point.

Your organisation’s experience –

This helps build credibility to your selling points.

Provide examples that relate to the specification – 

This will give the client some comfort that your organisation is skilled and experienced enough to deliver the service/provide the product.

Offer evidence of your experience –

With strong evidence this will give the client confidence that your organisation is skilled and experience.

Demonstration clearly how you will deliver client benefit and sustainable value add – 

Winning bids are those that provide a service which will implement positive change and leave a legacy. You want to stress the value you can provide will extend beyond the length of the contract. When discussing your service, always note the client benefits, e.g. Feature: The car is four-wheel drive. Advantage: The car is four-wheel drive and is the fastest on the market. Client benefit: The four-wheel drive gets you to where you need to be in the fastest time on the market.

Weave in

Win Themes –  These are your big selling points that you need to major on consistently throughout your bid response submission.

Differentiation – Evidence and examples not explicitly asked for in the question but will improve your bid response. These can be obtained through pre-bid engagement.

USPs – These are selling points that your competitors will not be able to imitate. You want to detail these over generic/shared industry benefits as much as possible.


CA can work closely with you to ensure the bid responses are of the highest quality before the bid is submitted. For more information, visit our website or contact a member of our team for an explorative chat!


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