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A Bid Qualification Tool that assists bidding teams in their decision to bid, or not to bid on opportunities.


Created with you in mind, the Bid Qualification Tool is a great starting point to gather your colleagues and wider stakeholders, and discuss the opportunity at hand, and gain all business perspectives, as certain areas of the business will have greater insight into different qualification questions posed.

The scoring system of 1-5 can be used in your own way, i.e. 1= very weak and 5= very strong. Or what ever way works best for your organisation.

Using the tool in this way will give you a foundation of what to included within your bid and can support and enhance your assessment of whether to proceed with the opportunity.

We suggest regularly reviewing previous bids using this tool, in order  to identify any reoccurring motivations for not bidding on opportunities and to assess as to whether there are any reoccurring themes of consideration that should be made based on your strategy and industry.

We’re of course on hand, should you have any questions. If you’d like support on your current bid, please do get in touch for a friendly chat!

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