Have your bid checked by a specialist before its submitted

Let us review your bid.

We will critically assess in-line with the published scoring system, and our scoring methodology, to ensure that maximum marks can be allocated to responses (where possible).

Our bid review is as follows:

One of our consultants will review the ITT and your final draft submission, against the evaluation criteria and our ‘best-practice’ response methodology which encompasses; language, structure, benefits, examples, evidence, unique selling points (USPs) and differentiation.

For good, indifferent, or weak responses, we’ll provide solutions and enriched answers.

Either pre or post submission (depending on submission deadline) we’ll undertake a face-to-face or phone session with your internal stakeholders to run through the enriched answers and the rationale as to why we have suggested the recommendations given.

The above knowledge-sharing exercise allows for a sustainable approach to implementing lessons learned into future bids.

The price of a bid review is subjective to the size of the submission. Get in touch for a friendly and introductory chat for more details.

A CAA bid review ensures responses:

  • Demonstrate the capability and capacity to deliver against requirements
  • Clearly meet all specification criteria (where possible) and are easy to read
  • Are written to bid winning standard (i.e. structure, benefits, examples, USP, differentiating).
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