Looking for bid training?

We can provide your business with the practical tools, guidance and knowledge to produce winning bids and proposals both within the public sector and B2B markets. 

Our 7-stage approach has contributed to 25 out of 26 wins for clients since June 2019 demonstrating that the guidance and advice we provide through our training is worth taking notice of.

Your team

We offer face-to-face, and digital workshops relating to our 7-stage approach to the bid management process.

Our bid training workshops are designed to provide and enhance the core skills required across the 7-stage bid process. The workshops will give you and your team practical tools and guidance in best-practice project management and bid writing allowing you to achieve high-scoring bid responses and increase marks awarded on future bids.

We can tailor the workshop around specific areas of our proven bid process – perhaps you’d like to focus on bid response production, or the final bid review. Be sure to bring along any retrospective or live bids to the workshop, so we can demonstrate how to implement the advice.

Our bid training workshops will:

  • Take you through every stage of our best-practice 7-stage bid management process
  • Be tailored to your specific requirements
  • Allow you to bring retrospective and live bids to the session so you can work alongside our advisory Senior Consultants to make an immediate improvement to your bids

Meet the team you’ll be working with…

Lee Hasell our managing partner


Lee is our Managing Partner here at Contracts Advance. He manages our Advisory team, and as an experienced senior executive, he’s gathered a wealth of knowledge and expertise over the years. Having been both CEO and Director of Business Development for a large blue-chip Healthcare provider, Lee continues to play an active role within the public sector by providing advice to clients on strategy and bidding.

Matt Mitchell-consultant


Matt has over 20 years of bidding experience with considerable operational expertise in corporate and clinical services. Matt has high commercial acumen in acute and mental health sectors, strong interpersonal skills, Board to Ward. Matt is a hugely motivational senior manager who works well under pressure and when managing multiple work streams.

The training sessions…

All sessions last between 1-2 hours, and can be purchased separately or as a total package.

Pre-bid engagement

What you’ll learn…

  • How to form a business development strategy
  • What a good bidding pipeline looks like
  • How to build a bid pipeline
  • Effective bid qualification

We’ll provide…

  • CA software demonstration
  • CA qualification template

Bid strategy session

What you’ll learn…

  • What to do once you find an opportunity
  • How to kick-off a bid project
  • How to establish a winning bid team

We’ll provide…

  • CA bid strategy template

Financial modelling

What you’ll learn…

  • How to meet the client’s financial requirements
  • How to set the right the price

We’ll provide…

  • Steps to complete the financial element of the bid

Response production

What you’ll learn…

  • How to write a winning bid
  • What to include in a winning bid response

We’ll provide…

  • CA bid writing response template
  • CA 5-point plan

The mid-bid review

What you’ll learn…

  • How to conduct a mid-bid review
  • How to ensure the bid project is on track
  • How to maintain stakeholder buy-in

We’ll provide…

  • CA bid project tracker template

The final review

What you’ll learn…

  • How to successfully review a bid
  • What to look for when reviewing a bid
  • The importance of reviewing a bid

We’ll provide…

  • CA bid review template

Bid sign-off & improvement

What you’ll learn…

  • How to conduct a formal bid sign-off
  • Who should be involved in bid sign-off
  • How to conduct a bid de-brief
  • The importance of knowledge library reviews
  • The importance of bid strategy review
  • Why communicate with operations

We’ll provide…

  • CA bid sign-off template
  • CA bid de-brief template

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