Policy and content library review

We ‘re here to help ensure your content and supporting examples and evidence generates high-scoring responses.

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We use experienced associates to ensure your policy and content is up to scratch.

We’ll provide recommendations where there may be any inconsistencies/gaps/omissions.

While we wouldn’t recommend using ‘boiler-plate’ content, we know that for smaller players it’s hard to find the time to create new content each time to respond to bids. Our writers will conduct a thorough review of your content to ensure it’s up to scratch. We can help you identify where content should be tweaked and tailored, using retrospective bids as examples, to ensure compliance with the specification.

We’re seeing a rise in social value questions on bids. These types of questions can be tricky to score high marks in if you’re unfamiliar with how the buyer is looking for you to respond. Don’t assume or leave to chance. We’ll work with you to improve your content.

We’ve won 25/26 opportunities since June 2019, where we’ve managed the bid on behalf of the client.

A CAA policy/content library review will ensure;

  • Policies are compliant with best-practice
  • Any ‘boilerplate’ material used incorporates the 7 CAA response writing principles
  • Examples and supporting evidence are current and relevant
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