Bid Writing Services, Improving Your Win Rate

Contracts Advance are specialists in Bid and Tender Writing, supporting you to maximise marks and improve your win rates. Our tried and tested approach has secured a win rate of over 85%, and 100% on frameworks.

Our experienced team of associates has been writing winning bids and proposals for decades, supporting clients across multiple industries. We have successfully supported businesses in Healthcare, Social Care, Construction, Facilities Management, and many other sectors.

Our Bid Management Service will:

Provide you with expert knowledge and skills to navigate you through bidding.
Take the headache away by handling all the project management elements of the process for you, such as completing SQs and submitting the bid, allowing you to concentrate on your business.
Support you in winning new business and retaining existing contracts.

At every stage of the process, we ensure you are
always kept informed and updated.

We are also reactive and responsive to your requirements and any changing needs – there is always a designated contact you can call or email at any time. We also have the ability to provide a 24/7 service to meet tight timeframes, with bid writers based around the world.

Working Together

Our approach to bid writing is to work in partnership with each client. To score the highest possible marks, we need the technical expertise and input from your subject matter experts. To obtain this, we run capture sessions throughout the bid to get the required information, so our expert bid writers can then turn this into winning content.

Three Draft Process

Our bid writing service is done as three draft process, increasing the content and quality with each draft. This approach supports continuous improvement and layering of answers to maximise marks. In summary, each draft is as follows:

  • Draft One – 50-70% completion, with the technical solution confirmed.
  • Draft Two – 70-90% completion, adding in key win themes, experience and evidence.
  • Draft Three – 100% complete, adding in added value and confirming all remaining points.

These drafts are carefully spaced across the available time frame, ensuring that the writer has sufficient time to produce quality answers, and that you have enough time to review, reflect and feedback for the next draft.

Five-Point Approach to Bid Writing

Our Bid Writers work to a five-point approach, our recommended method in producing a high-scoring bid.

Acknowledge the Question

This will help you structure the response and provide focus. You want to front-load your big selling points. Acknowledging you understand the question reduces default generic openings which may take a while to get to the point.

Your Organisation’s Experience

This helps build credibility to your selling points.

Provide Examples that Relate to the Specification

This will give the client comfort that your organisation is skilled and experienced.

Offer Evidence of Your Experience

With strong evidence this will give the client confidence that your organisation is skilled and experienced.

Demonstrate Clearly How You Will Deliver Client Benefit

Winning bids are those that provide a service that will implement positive change and leave a legacy. You want to stress that the value you can provide will extend beyond the length of the contract.

We also ensure that each response weaves in:

Win Themes

These are your big selling points that you need to highlight consistently throughout your bid response submission.


Evidence and examples not explicitly asked for in the question but will improve your bid response. These can be obtained through pre-bid engagement.

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

These are selling points that your competitors will not be able to imitate. You want to detail these over generic/shared industry benefits as much as possible.

The above approach ensures the most effective bid, maximising marks to enhance your chances of success.


Our Bid Writers work best in our unique dual-approach, working hand-in-hand with one of our Bid Managers. This allows each to concentrate on what they are best at, and supporting our clients in the most efficient and effective way possible. Working together, they are able to provide a full end-to-end bid service, taking care of every aspect of the project.

Our Bid Writers

At Contracts Advance, we don’t use Junior Bid Writers; we only use the best writers to help you win business. Each of our professional bid writers have at least 10 years of experience in developing high quality proposals, giving you the reassurance that we can help you develop the best bid, and support you in securing new business.

Robert Ward

Robert has been a bid professional for over 13 years, working across writing and management positions, and delivering successful bids in multiple industries. He has written over 400 bids and has experience in bid writing for organisations of all sizes and maturities, including numerous SMEs. Industries Robert has written bids in include healthcare, social care, construction, environmental enforcement, engineering, catering, education, FM, and many more. He is still an active bid writing practitioner, directly working on at least 50 projects per year.

What our Clients Say

We would rate the support and service from Contracts Advance 9/10. The team were, and continue to be, very helpful and supportive, working in partnership with us to win more business. The team listened well to understand our business and how best to present it, which was key to focus on our USP to differentiate us from our competition. The major benefit of using Contracts Advance is using their experience to provide a bid strategy which we would have had no knowledge of in terms of what works and what does not work. We have used Contracts Advance on multiple occasions to manage our bids and will continue to do so.

Commercial Director