New SDR joins the team, meet Jordan!
Jordan’s First Month
Jordan’s First Month 765 765 Contracts Advance

What a month it’s been! We’ve welcomed a few new faces to the team here and Jordan has just finished his first month with us… Having…

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Why didn’t we see this VEAT, Pete?
Why didn’t we see this VEAT, Pete? 1024 946 Contracts Advance

What is a VEAT? If you haven’t heard of a VEAT — don’t worry for you are not alone. A VEAT (Voluntary Ex-Ante Transparency Notice) can…

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Contracts Advance Covid-19 Response 
Contracts Advance Covid-19 Response  1024 946 Contracts Advance

COVID-19 – An offer of frontline support to our bid community Since we started back in 2008, saving our clients time and making their jobs easier…

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A Government Update On Public Sector Procurements
A Government Update On Public Sector Procurements 1024 946 Contracts Advance

As an update, we recommend you look at the two procurement policies the UK government published between 18 March and 20 March 2020. 1. PPN 01/20…

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Covid-19, A week in the life of a business owner
Covid-19, A week in the life of a business owner 1024 1024 Contracts Advance

It’s been without doubt the strangest week in my business life. Unprecedented, unparalleled – all the adjectives etc. etc. It started relatively normally on Monday with…

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Shakespeare Imagery
To Bid Or Not To Bid
To Bid Or Not To Bid 1024 1024 Contracts Advance

Most articles relevant to tendering follow Shakespeare’s mantra “to bid or not to bid?”. It’s an important question. The outcome decides whether you spend weeks pouring…

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Placement Team Member
Placements with Bath College
Placements with Bath College 825 1024 Contracts Advance

We had the pleasure of Matt being here with us a few weeks ago, taking time out from Bath College. Safe to say, Matt has a…

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Contracts Advance Team
Work Experience with Henry
Work Experience with Henry 1024 768 Contracts Advance

For the past month, we’ve had the pleasure of having Henry with us here at Contracts Advance. Henry is currently taking a little time out of…

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Bath Life Finalists!
Bath Life Finalists! 1024 246 Contracts Advance

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve been shortlisted for a Bath Life Award! 2019 has been an incredible year for us and we’re ecstatic that our hard…

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Bid Advisory versus freelance
Bid Advisory versus freelance 1024 1024 Contracts Advance

You might have stumbled across this article because you’re interested in acquiring bid management support (BMS). When it comes to BMS, broadly speaking, you’ve got two…

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