Our Partnership with Jamie’s Farm

We are committed to supporting good causes through a range of activities and events.

Jamie’s Farm acts as a catalyst for change, enabling disadvantaged young people to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.
They do this through a unique residential experience and a rigorous follow-up programme, combining farming, family and therapy.
Their vision is that vulnerable young people nationwide, will be better equipped to thrive during secondary school years and beyond.

Social and academic exclusion are serious problems affecting young people in the UK today.

When children are not engaging fully with their education it can be difficult for them to see their potential and  without opportunities to realise what they are capable of, a course of underachievement and underemployment can be set very early on. The consequences of this are likely to be felt well into adulthood, with the biggest impact on employability, wellbeing and relationships.  Jamie’s Farm offer a unique, preventative solution to empower young people to change course.

Providing a powerful formula of Farming, Family and Therapy, delivered via a five-day residential and rigorous follow-up programme, Jamie’s Farm addresses the root causes of exclusion by equipping vulnerable children to thrive during their secondary school years. Working in partnership with  schools, they recognise that for impact to be at its greatest, they must empower and support schools in order to make changes last. The programme at Jamie’s Farm is designed to improve behaviour, boost engagement and improve well-being by building soft-skills such as self-esteem.