Amy’s First Month

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Welcome to Amy!

Having had a month or so to get used to what we do, and all our ways, we asked Amy how she’s been enjoying her first month here!

How have you found your first month at Contracts Advance?
I can’t believe it’s been a month already?! The time has flown by! Before I started I didn’t know much about Public Sector contracts but every day I’m learning more and I’m loving it! The team have been so welcoming and they’ve made the first few weeks really enjoyable.

Given the unprecedented circumstances we’re all finding ourselves in, we hope your first month has been good! Was it what you expected or …?
I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and was a little apprehensive given the circumstances. Despite this, the on-boarding process was really smooth and having the option to come into the office has really helped too as it’s been lovely get the chance to meet most of the team.

What are the team like?
They are such a great bunch to work with who are always happy to help. There is a really strong family feel amongst the team here and that has only made the whole on-boarding experience more enjoyable. Fraser especially has been a great help in getting Portia and I up to speed and there is constant support from Craig, Chris and the rest of the team too!

What would you like to achieve over the next month?
I’m really looking forward to building up my pipeline and developing consistency with hitting my targets.

Favourite moment so far?
Booking my first demo! The monthly team quiz’s have been brilliant so far too!


We’re thrilled to have you with us!


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