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Our market intelligence solutions allow you to combine insightful data with advanced tender opportunities to improve your knowledge and define relevant win themes, bid strategy and content writing

How we can help through Spend Analysis…

Spend Analysis is taken from awarded contracts and covers all areas of the public sector. This data goes back over the last 5 years and provides real insight to buyers on supplier spend

  • Non Contracts Advance client: N/A
  • Contracts Advance client: £575

Spend Analysis will support you and your business teams…

Who wish to understand who is spending in the public sector (relevant to your space) and who are the related suppliers (i.e. your competition)
  • Ideal for buyer and competition analysis
  • Provides real insight into market share relevant to your industry and specialism
  • Spend relating to current tendering opportunity – ideal for market intelligence
  • Spend relating to live contracts – ideal for pre-bid engagement
  • Covers the UK&NI

How we can help through Spend+…

Spend+ seamlessly marries factual market data (spend analysis) and advanced visibility of contracts. Combining deep insight into public sector markets and the demands of different government sectors, with a comprehensive understanding of suppliers, the services they provide to the public sector and the revenues they receive

  • Non Contracts Advance client: £6,750
  • Contracts Advance client: £4,000

Spend+ will support you and your business teams…

Who have senior responsibility for business development and growth, this service will provide accurate market intelligence to inform
  • Where to effectively spend the time of bid and sales resource
  • Accurately forecast pipeline opportunity for the next 12 – 36 months sales cycle
  • Accuracy in public sector spend by agency and visibility of competitor spend

How we can help through Horizon+…

The service helps you to define, gather, analyse, prioritise and distribute forward intelligence about products, customers, competitors, policies and strategies to support you in making better decisions for both business development and enriching bid content

  • Non Contracts Advance client: £5,500
  • Contracts Advance client: £3,500

Horizon+ will support you and your business teams…

Horizon+ is for those with senior responsibility for strategy, business development, growth and planning including:
  • Managing Directors
  • Sales Directors
  • Business Developers
  • Bid Managers

The next steps…

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