Bid Less & Win More

To win business within the public sector, and particularly contracts with the NHS, the relevant Commissioning Organisation will nearly always enter into a procurement process that ensures that their decision making is:
1. Open and transparent and follows correct procurement rules e.g. OJEU
2. Effective in that the best bid is selected (based on cost and quality)
3. Auditable
4. Avoids a subsequent challenge. Such procurements are time consuming and costly…….and that’s just for Commissioners!

We know as bidding organisations that:
1. There will be a number of competing bidders
2. That we will have to register interest and often pass through a prequalification  (PQQ) exercise before being invited to tender. Sometimes the PQQ process can be like a “mini-ITT”.
3. That significant resources will have to be committed to the response process, not only from our Business Development team, but also resources in most of the other areas in our organisation including our clinical, technical,operational, finance, HR, IM&T, estates, project management,
procurement. Legal and Senior Managerial and Director resources. In fact nearly every area of the organisation will be involved.
4. This creates a substantial cost not only financially but also organisational stress in taking staff away from their “day jobs” to support the tender, who may have to be “backfilled”.
5. However good we are at bidding we cannot expect to win everything we tender for.
6. De-qualifying, at the earliest opportunity, those bids that we are least likely to win, is essential
in limiting costs, wasted staff resources and disruption to existing operational services

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