Business Development's Brexit - What Does It Mean?

Well the vote is in and the decision is taken.

Like most of the middle class in metropolitan Britain this was not my choice, I’ll be up-front about that, but now it is time to think about what we do next. For those of us in BD Brexit might feel ominous, after all we speak of the “Official Journal of the European Union” (OJEU), ten times a day. I have had a quick check of the facts this morning and I think the lyrics of the Who’s “Won’t get fooled again” apply. The last verse starts with “There’s nothing on the street, looks any different to me”. Let me explain.

The first thing to consider is time. Article 50 of the EU Constitution will be activated and the timeline from that moment to completion is 2 years. There EU and the UK government are not yet in any position to hit the “go” button on that Article 50 so there is a built in period of continuity on the rules.

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