More Lessons From Lost Rebids

It’s not often we get the chance to see the details of another company’s lost rebid, what they think about the loss and an analysis of how the customer made the decision. In fact in many cases we don’t always get to see these lessons from our own business!

But in the USA there is an established process where losing bidders can protest against a lost bid (or rebid) decision, and one which results in publicly published summaries of the circumstances of the procurement, the reason for protest – and the analysis of why that protest is upheld or denied.

The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) is one of the bodies responsible for(amongst other things) reviewing and making decisions on bid protests filed regarding procurements made by federal government agencies. Protests are usually filed by losing bidders and the GAO publishes summaries of the protests and their decisions. They often make interesting reading. Not just because they provide useful illustrations of how Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) work, but because they can illustrate the mistakes real bidders make (most bid protests are denied) when putting in their bids.

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