Time To Up-Skill?

Bids are expensive; complicated and risky. There will be one winner from 20 organisations who apply, normally 6 will be shortlisted and 3 invited to present. Every minute, pound, piece of paper and drop of sweat will be a write off for most of the participants. To bid for a large contract could take 6 months; a secondment out of operations; finance modelling, a dozen meetings and external support costing tens of thousands of pounds. If you want to plan a truly innovative service model that will transform the industry you will need even more resource. Big tenders may therefore see organisations stake around £100,000 plus on a win.

Or lose it all…
The problem is that the larger contracts are increasingly being tendered; in both public and private sector. To maximise the probability of winning (P-Win) a company needs to develop or hire internal expertise, which is usually only intermittently utilised, or hire in expensive consultants. Specialist companies like, KPMG or Bid Team will hire teams and individuals out, often with great success, but costs are significant. Good consultants leave a legacy but once they are gone there is generally a reduction in team capability that needs to be filled next time an important bid opportunity emerges.

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