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What we do

We help you to find and win public sector tenders. We turn searching hundreds of portals, getting loads of irrelevant opportunities and missing tenders into a single, keyword specific daily email alert with unlimited users.

Once you’ve found the right opportunity, our expert team are on hand to help you win it, whether it’s managing the entire bid process, a specific content piece, or a final pre-submission review, we’ll give you the winning edge.

Why we’re right for you

We’ve changed the status quo to help our clients bid less and win more, what’s best is we’re not done yet and are constantly innovating. We don’t limit users, we aren’t restricted by CPV codes and our service is fast and accurate to make sure you never a miss a tender opportunity.

Our 7 step process has re-defined the way our clients bid so they’re able to win more, at a lower cost to be more profitable. Our process has been tried, tested and refined to give a simple and efficient way to win bids.

How we can help

We make a difficult process simple. Save yourself hours of time so you can focus on the bids, get in front of the right decision makers to build better relationships and identify key contracts to build a pipeline with value.

We’re not like many of our competitors who charge per word and regurgitate content. Everything we do is unique and tailored to your business. We’ll help in any part of the bid process and make a stressful process easy.