Have your bid reviewed by our experts before submission!

Let our bid experts review your bid before it’s submitted, to ensure it’s the best it can be.

Bid Review Pricing

What are the benefits of a Bid Review?

A Contracts Advance Bid Review will improve the quality of your response to ensure you achieve higher scores!

We will help you ensure your responses are written to bid-winning standard, providing recommendations and suggested changes, including, response structure, benefits, examples and USP’s.

You’re in experienced hands with us; our recommendations and enriched responses have generated an 85%+ win rate for our customers over the past 22 months.

How our Bid Review process works

We’ll have one of our highly experienced consultants review the ITT and your final draft submission, against the evaluation criteria and our ‘best-practice’ response methodology! Our methodology encompasses; language, structure, benefits, examples, evidence, unique selling points (USPs), omissions and differentiation. We also keep our 5 point plan in mind at all times!

For good, indifferent, or weak responses, we provide solutions, recommendations and comments for your live or historic submission.

Once we’ve completed this, we’ll arrange a face-to-face or phone session with your team to run through our enriched answers and the rationale as to why we have suggested the recommendations given.

The above knowledge-sharing approach allows for a sustainable approach to implementing lessons learned into future bids!

For more information, download our fact sheet.

Five Point Plan:

  • Acknowledge the question and set the scene in terms of answering the question
  • Demonstrate your organisation’s experience
  • Provide examples that relate to the specification
  • Offer evidence of your experience
  • Demonstrate clearly how you will deliver customer benefit and sustainable value add
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Three ways we can support you in writing and producing a winning bid!

With our bid win rate currently at 86%, we’re certain we can help.

Bid Review

Forensic Bid Review

Bespoke Forensic Bid Review

A Bid Review will take 1 day to complete and will identify quick wins and uplift responses.

A Forensic Bid Review will take 2 days to complete and will be more in-depth and comprehensive, as our consultants take the time to delve into the review to ensure you achieve the highest marks.

A Bespoke Forensic Bid Review is for those that have bids over 20,000 words and require us to explore and investigate into greater detail.

Bid Review


  • 1 Day
  • .
Forensic Bid Review


  • 2 Day
  • Under 20 000 words
Bespoke Forensic Bid Review


  • Bespoke
  • Over 20 000 words

Policy and content library review

In addition to our bid review, we can also improve the quality of your bids by reviewing your policy and content library.

We can make sure you’re in the strongest position right from the get-go!

By giving your content and policy library a review, we improve the bases of your content that you use to produce your initial responses, meaning that the quality of your responses will be stronger from the start.

Our experienced associates are here to help ensure your content and supporting examples and evidence generates high-scoring responses.

Contracts Advance character searching for tenders

We’ll provide recommendations where there may be any inconsistencies, gaps or omissions.

We know that for smaller players it’s hard to find the time to create new content each time to respond to bids. Our writers will conduct a thorough review of your content to ensure it’s up to scratch. We can help you identify where content should be tweaked and tailored, using retrospective bids as examples, to ensure compliance with the specification.

We’re seeing a rise in social value questions on bids. These types of questions can be tricky to score high marks in if you’re unfamiliar with how the buyer is looking for you to respond. Don’t assume or leave to chance. We’ll work with you to improve your content.

We have a bid win rate of 86%, where we’ve managed the bid on behalf of the client.

Get in touch to see how we can help!

A policy/content library review will ensure;

  • Policies are compliant with best-practice
  • Any ‘boilerplate’ material used incorporates the 7 CAA response writing principles
  • Examples and supporting evidence are current and relevant
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