Looking for best in class bid training to help your team improve your bid win rate?

Let our highly experienced team help your team through live webinar or face-to-face training sessions.

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     Choose from:

    Tailored Training delivered via live webinar

    Face-to-face Training

    Both options are built on our best-practice 7-stage bid process.

    We will provide your business with the practical tools, guidance, insight and knowledge to produce winning bids and proposals both within the public sector and B2B markets. 

    Our 7-stage approach has generated a bid win rate of 86%, demonstrating that the guidance and advice we provide through our training is worth taking notice of!

    Tailored Webinar Training

    Our Tailored Webinar Training is conducted ‘live’ and led by two of our most senior and experienced consultants

    Pick from 7 training modules (each of which reflects one of our 7 stages) to build a package that is right for you and your team. Each module is an hour in length and can be purchased separately or in bundles of 3 and 7.

    We’re flexible…

    You can pick and choose the modules that are right for you and your team!

    Each module costs £245.00 (with a discount applied if more that 3 modules are purchased) and you can choose whether you’d like to have your modules conducted separately, or if you’d prefer, you can have them back to back for a longer session.

    Whatever works for you!

    We’ll also make sure that the training is recorded and available to you and your team after the session takes place. Making training more convenient and accessible for your whole team.

    Our Tailored Webinar Training is:

    • Chosen by you to reflect your team’s needs
    • Offers a great opportunity to ask questions and gain immediate responses
    • Allows you to delve into different areas of the bidding process

    Sample training packages

    Looking for inspiration in how to build your training package? We’ve put together some example packages based on modules that work well together and give you the greatest improvement in both skillset and ability!

    The bid writer package:

    • Stage 2) Bid kick-off & strategy session
    • Stage 4) Bid response production
    • Stage 6) Final review of bid before submission

    The bid manager package:

    • Stage 1) Pre-bid activity
    • Stage 2) Bid kick-off & strategy session
    • Stage 5) Mid-bid review


    1 Module


    • 1 Hour of training
    • Tools & templates provided
    • Recording available post event
    3 Modules

    £675.00 (8% saving)

    • 3 Hours of training
    • Tools & templates provided
    • Recording available post event
    7 Modules

    £1,470 (14% saving)

    • 7 Hours of training
    • Tools & templates provided
    • Recording available post event

    F2F Training

    Our bid training workshops are designed to provide and enhance the core skills required across our 7-stage bid process.

    The workshops will supply you and your team with practical tools, insight and guidance in best-practice project management and bid writing allowing you to achieve high-scoring bid responses and increase marks awarded on future bids.

    We work around your needs…

    We’ll tailor the workshop around specific areas of our proven bid process and we will focus on any areas that you require a more in-depth view of – perhaps you’d like to focus on bid response production, or the final bid review.

    Be sure to bring along any retrospective or live bids to the workshop, so we can demonstrate how to implement the advice.

    Our bid training workshops will:

    • Take you through every stage of our best-practice 7-stage bid management process
    • Be tailored to your specific requirements
    • Allow you to bring retrospective and live bids to the session so you can work alongside our advisory Senior Consultants to make an immediate improvement to your bids
    Your team

    To find out more, download our fact-sheet.

    F2F Training


    • 1 Full day of training
    • Tools & templates provided