Bid Reviews, Bringing Your Bid to the Highest Level

Contracts Advance’s bid review service will improve the quality of your response to ensure your bid and tender submissions are of the highest quality. Our recommendations and enriched responses have generated an 85%+ win rate for our customers over the past two years. 

Our Bid Review Process

Our reviewers come from a wide-range of sector backgrounds, including bidding, procurement, and project management. This allows us to give you an in-depth review from multiple perspectives, maximise your marks.

We will help you ensure your bid response achieves the best quality score, providing expert recommendations and suggested changes from active practitioners bidding. Using our approach, we will support you in winning new business and retaining existing contracts.

Our Bid Review Process

One of our highly experienced consultants will review your bid against the evaluation criteria and our ‘best-practice’ response methodology. Our methodology encompasses language, structure, benefits, examples, evidence, unique selling points (USPs), omissions and differentiation. We also keep our 5-point plan in mind at all times!

For good, indifferent, or weak responses, we provide solutions, recommendations and comments for your live or historic submission. Once we’ve completed this, we’ll arrange a session with your team to run through our recommendations.

The above knowledge-sharing approach allows for a sustainable approach to implementing lessons learned into future bids.

Using our Five-Point Plan

  • Acknowledge the question and set the scene in terms of answering the question
  • Demonstrate your organisation’s experience
  • Provide examples that relate to the specification
  • Offer evidence of your experience
  • Demonstrate clearly how you will deliver customer benefit and sustainable value add

Our Reviewers

Contracts Advance has a team of dedicated reviewers, each having at least 10 years of bidding experience, giving them the expertise to forensically analyse your bid, and helping you secure new business.

Susan Wilson

Susan is qualified to Masters’ level in Business and Engineering and has also gained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, gaining experience in service delivery and development in four educational sectors. She has considerable experience in private and public/charity sectors involving marketing communications, product and strategic marketing where she has developed excellent business planning, content and cop writing skills and the production of on-brand collateral and digital and social media marketing expertise. Using this experience, Susan is our main reviewer, delivering in-depth reviews to support clients in improving their scores.

What our Clients Say

Contracts Advance are a capable and intelligent team who we highly rate. The team met and exceeded deadlines, were thorough in appraising our tender and offering recommendations to improve answers. They provided a clear framework for future tenders and a new and improved perspective to answering questions – which we have already seen the benefit of in our submissions through improved quality scores. The key benefit of using Contracts Advance was for their bid review service, which allowed us to get feedback on smaller tenders where outsourcing the entire bid did not make commercial sense. The review service brought a fresh perspective and practical advice (useful rules such as answer lengths, structuring and breaking down responses to make the job easier for the person scoring the tender, features, advantages, benefits), to improve responses. We would unequivocally recommend the Contracts Advance team.

Chief Executive Officer