Bid Training, Giving You the Skills to Win New Business

Looking for best in class bid and tender training to help your team improve their bid writing skills and your win rate? Let our highly experienced team help your team through live webinars.

Our training is built on our best-practice 7-stage bid process. We will provide your business with the practical tools, guidance, insight and knowledge to improve your success rate and produce winning bids. Our 7-stage approach has generated a bid win rate of 85%, demonstrating that the guidance and advice we provide through our training is worth taking notice of!

We can help you develop the right skills in quick time, meaning less mistakes and higher marks, enabling you to win new business and retain existing contracts.

Online Bid Training

Our Tailored Webinar Training is conducted ‘live’ and led by two of our most senior and experienced bid consultants.

Pick from 7 training modules (each of which reflects one of our 7 stages) to build a package that is right for you and your team. Each module is an hour in length and can be purchased separately or in bundles of 3 and 7.

Each module costs £245.00 (with a discount applied if more than 3 modules are purchased) and you can choose whether you’d like to have your modules conducted separately, or if you’d prefer, you can have them back to back for a longer session.

We’ll also make sure that the training is recorded and available to you and your team after the session takes place. Making training more convenient and accessible for your whole team.

Our Tailored Online Courses are:

• Chosen by you to reflect your exact needs
Offers a great opportunity to ask questions and gain immediate responses
Allows you to delve into different areas of the bidding process.

Sample training packages

Below are two of our example packages, based on modules that work well together and give you the greatest improvement in both skillset and ability.

The Bid Writer Package

Focussing on helping you to improve your bid writing skills. The package focuses on the following key stages of our 7-stage approach:

• Stage 2) Bid kick-off & strategy session – including how to develop USPs and plan your answers.
• Stage 4) Bid response production – utilising our five-step approach to bid responses.
• Stage 6) Final review of bid before submission – ensuring that the bid is of the highest-quality and marks are maximised.

The Bid Manager Package

Focussing on helping you to improve your bid management skills. The package focuses on the following key stages of our 7-stage approach:

• Stage 1) Pre-bid activity – how to engage with commissioners and prepare for an opportunity.
• Stage 2) Bid kick-off & strategy session – developing USPs, win themes, and a project plan.
• Stage 5) Mid-bid review – ensuring the bid is on track and risks are minimised.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are current practitioners in project management and bid writing, ensuring that the learning we impart is up-to-date and relevant. Our trainers will support you to have the skills to win new business and retain existing contracts.

Matt Mitchell

Matt has over 25 years of bidding experience with considerable managerial expertise in corporate and operational services, including working in Bid Director and Bid Manager roles. Matt has supported Contracts Advance and our clients to project manage multiple bids in industries including; defence, healthcare, FM and many more. Matt has previously held a number of senior roles including Director of Development and is the Lead Consultant at CA.

What our Clients Say

The training guys were engaging and kept our interest throughout the whole of the session, we came away with a new focus and momentum on how to tackle the next Tender. [They] delivered the training and helping us to identify how to put a different spin on how we should be approaching our response and what to include to make us stand out using our USP’s etc and not just the bog standard generic responses that don’t quite fit the question. [They] established that bid response has to be planned and time allotted for contributors and to all buy-in the new process.

Office Manager
McLoughlin Decorating Ltd

Bid Manager’s Forum

Contracts Advance hold a Bid Manager’s Forum twice a year in Bath, bringing together 25 bid professionals who hold a Contracts Advance subscription. Roles range from Bid Administrator to Bid Director and cover all elements of bid production including; bid writing, bid management, pricing, marketing and sales.

The event is designed to promote networking and learning across the CA network with several points in the day where the delegates can talk to other professionals and grow their networks.  There are two main sessions which are hosted by the CA Managing Director, Managing Partner and Lead Consultant which focus on pertinent issues relating to public sector bidding.

Previous sessions have included:

• Best in class presentations
• BREXIT and it’s impact on bidding
• How to manage innovation in bids
• Partnerships and risks
• How to find and use market data
• How to write winning bids
• How to bid strategically
• How to design and run an effective bid process
• How to build a pipeline and qualify opportunities
• How and when to challenge procurement decisions
• Social value

The Bid Managers’ Forum is an exclusive community that supports personal and organisation growth for our customers and demonstrates the added value that we bring to our customers.