Win public sector contracts with our 7-stage bid management process

Contracts Advance character winning bids

Winning public sector contracts has never been easier.

Our bid advisory team supports clients to win and retain tender opportunities.

We do this by using a combination of project management, bid writing, and a best-in-class 7-stage approach.

This process has been a year in the making and is now seeing us win  bid opportunities that we’ve managed on behalf of our clients, resulting in an overall bid win rate of 86% for 2019-2020, across a wide range of industries including construction, health-care, print, architecture and IT.

Our bid advisory team is here to support you, and we’re flexible in our approach and can tailor our service to your exact requirements.

Get in touch with us today for:

  • Training for bid writers and project managers
  • Bid production
  • Building knowledge/content libraries
  • Bid reviews
  • Continuous improvement of your bid
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