Never miss a tender

We source opportunities from hundreds of portals

We do this to make sure that you have comprehensive coverage of any and all tenders.

Meaning you never miss an opportunity, because we know that’s what keeps you up at night!

We give you a clear sight of contracts that are right for you
Contracts Advance character searching for tenders

Our software gives you complete visibility of all public sector procurement portals, and we’re able to download all publicly available tenders on a daily basis.

We take all of those relevant tenders and send them directly to you in one simple daily email. This saves you time!

By creating a saved search, (that you’re able to tweak and amend at any point with the help of our CSM team) we make sure you’re capturing all your relevant tenders, making it completely tailored to you and your business.

This simple daily email is designed to cut through the white noise and irrelevant traffic, making it as easy as possible for you to find tenders.

We’re able to include and exclude search results based on keywords and CPV codes.

Giving you the fastest and most accurate search results in the market, what’s more, we don’t limit users, making it easier than ever to share potential tenders with your colleagues!