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We’ve taken time to build a dedicated and personable team, all in order to support you in any way we can to find and win work in the public sector.

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Contracts Advance - Sofia


Senior Customer Success Manager

Lover of travelling, coffee, good food & wine. Cushion shopping addict (no you can't have too many!) when not helping clients to win work!

Chris Williams our Head of Operations


Head of Operations

Catch Chris playing tennis or sampling fine whiskies (not at the same time!). At heart, a big geek with a love for technology & process.


Advisory Business Manager

A beer enthusiast with a passion for adventuring. Sam spends time at the beach, quoting cult classics, and trying to grasp Belarusian.


Customer Success Manager

Lover of pizza, pasta and chocolate. Amy enjoys skiing, shopping and spending time in the sunshine (often with a G+T in hand).

Tim Staff


Sales and Marketing Director

Coffee connoisseur, fine food lover and general globe trotter.


Lead Developer

Lover of sports, music and bbq's. Agustín's obsessed with fixing things and he doesn't stop until they're working!

Craig Millhouse our Managing Director


Founder & Managing Director

A big foodie alongside the 3 girls in his life. As well as being a big fan of all sports from the safety of the armchair!

Contracts Advance Advisory - Brenda


Contracts Advance Advisory - Julian


Lee Hasell our managing partner


Managing Partner

Lee loves walking his dog and playing golf. You can find Lee either on the golf course or in the board room, failing that the 19th hole.

Contracts Advance Advisory - Linda


Contracts Advance Advisory - Brenda


Matt Mitchell-consultant


Head of Advisory

You'll find Matt playing golf, watching rugby or fishing, if he's not out being active he'll be in one of his favourite pubs.

Contracts Advance Advisory - Meirion


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Staff - Lee

Lee Timmins

Business Development Manager

Lover of music, boxing, football, action films and anything techie & gadget related.

Staff - Georgia


Customer Success Manager

Big enthusiast of all things pink including trainers and gin. My favourite things to do include socialising, dancing or sunning it up

Emma - Staff


Office Manager

Artist and music lover Emma also enjoys country walks and pub lunches and researching exotic holidays she can’t afford!

Harrison - Staff


Sales Development Representative

Basketball player, Gym enthusiast, Sports fan and Pint drinker. You'll catch Harrison at the court, gym or at the pub watching Liverpool FC

Ashley - Staff


Business Development Manager

Suffering Arsenal fan and lover of whiskey! You'll find him doing Art commissions in his spare time, along with cooking some mean curries!

Duncan - Staff


Head of Customer Success

Foodie, coffee drinker, & lover of the world's whiskies. When not at work he's probably planning his next destination on his travel plans

Rebeca - Staff


Customer Success Manager

If not running after her daughters she keeps active by playing tennis. Loves food & red wine, preferably enjoyed from a seaside restaurant

Robert Staff


Steve- staff


NH Staff

Natasha Hopkins

Business Development Manager

A seasoned traveller, avid baker and self-proclaimed foodie! When I’m not at work I’m usually out walking and exploring new places.

Head shot of Sarah Sharp

Sarah Sharp

Customer Success Manager

Foodie, nature lover, live music fanatic and yoga enthusiast. Also a budding gardener who loves a jaunt to a garden centre!

Courtney Forrest

Customer Success Executive

Full on cricket geek who loves a stat or two. You might catch me with a cheeky Spiced Rum in hand on the weekend.

Kamila Fedyk

Customer Success Executive

Big foodie and dog lover. You can often find me sitting in a cosy pub with a pint in hand looking for my next holiday destination.

Karl McGauley

Sales Development Representative

Martial Arts Practitioner, avid Moretti drinker and Liverpool FC fanatic. Partial to a DJ Set once in a while!

Rob Howes

Business Development Manager

In a past life Rob was a half-decent tennis player. Now you’ll find him at a pub or on the terraces of his beloved Yeovil Town FC!

Tom Gunter-Heard

Business Development Manager

Lydia Watts

Finance Manager

Spend most of my time running around after my little boy, and Labrador. Massive dog-lover, enjoy a good walk, sunshine and a cocktail!

Hakun Kamminga



Head of Sales

Lover of cycling, wine and everything food. Found either helping his clients win more public sector work or exploring the UK and Europe.