Why work with us?

Spend every day supporting people with their bidding journey.

From pre-bid engagement and finding tenders, straight through to bid application and production.

We cover the whole process, offering a streamlined way of doing things.

We’re constantly striving to make the bidding world a simple and more efficient place.

Current vacancies

Sales Development Representative

Due to the nature of this role, SDR candidates must have strong interpersonal and communication skills across a variety of channels, particularly on the phone.

As front-line representatives, you will create the first impression prospects have with our company, so we want to make sure you have the skills to make a lasting impact on potential customers.

We’re looking for someone who’s excited to embark on their career in sales and wants to join a growing company to learn their craft. 

Customer Success Manager

Due to the nature of this role, the ideal CSM candidate must have a strong track record in programme implementation preferably in a SaaS setting. Your interpersonal and communication skills will need to shine brightly across a variety of channels, particularly via phone and live chat.

We’re looking for someone who will exude empathy; a listening ear and genuine desire to ensure our customers are at the front of everything they do.

The right person will need to be naturally inquisitive; works well under pressure, thinks out-of-the box, easily initiates relaxed but informative two-way phone conversations with customers, and is highly self-motivated and have a passion for all things SaaS and technology based.


We’re moving pretty quickly at the moment; our business is growing and we’re sharing it with the world. Follow us to stay in the loop.