Agustin’s First Month

Agustin’s First Month 512 512 Contracts Advance

What a few months it’s been!

We’ve welcomed a lot of new faces to the team here and Agustin has just finished his first month with us…

Having had four weeks of settling in and getting used to what we do,  we asked Agustin how his first month has been.

How have you found your first month at Contracts Advance?
I felt very welcome by everyone from day one.

Given the unprecedented circumstances we’re all finding ourselves in, we hope your first month has been good! Was it what you expected or …?
To be honest it is a bit weird, I feel like I known people from the team for ages and reality is that we haven’t met in the flesh yet… So I think that is a sign of good communication and collaborative work.

What are the team like?
I really like that from day one, if I had something to say I felt
listened to. It’s hard to achieve that straight away as a developer when you joined a new team. I think that the way Chris and Tom have made my inclusion really easy, as said before they listened to my propositions about new features, testing, database structures, etc. as if I’ve been working with them for ages.

What would you like to achieve over the next month?
I would like to keep learning all the corners of the system that we could expand and grow the value of it.

Favourite moment so far?
When I got everything working locally, and I could start coding!


We’re thrilled to have you with us!


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