Alex’s First Month

Alex’s First Month 512 512 Contracts Advance

Welcome to Alex!

Alex joined us a month again, just as our new financial year began! Let’s see how he’s getting on!

How have you found your first month at Contracts Advance?

It has been amazing! It has felt like a bit of whirlwind to be honest as it has gone by so quickly. I have learnt so much about the ins and out of the business while understanding where I can bring my skills to help the company grow ever more. It also has been super rewarding to work with such a nice team who are there to help and guide you on all different varieties of subjects.

Given the unprecedented circumstances we’re all finding ourselves in, we hope your first month has been good! Was it what you expected or …?
It has been better than I ever thought it would. I have learnt so much in a short amount of time, so much so if you asked me to have a conversation about the public sector tenders I would have been left scratching my head. As what I knew about the public sector was truthfully little. So to understand fully how important it is to the world we live and how we can help business grow, I feel lucky to have been given the chance to have been selected for the position.

What are the team like?
The team are brilliant. I have said to the team, It is very rare to find a company who are exactly what they say they’re. I have had experiences where I have been told the culture is one thing and is in reality the other. Here, the team are exactly what they promised. It is a family environment especially Chris’s Dad jokes.

What would you like to achieve over the next month?

Over the next month I would like to keep track on my SDR journey of improving and learning as a professional. I want to help even more businesses grow especially during this time we live in! To be even a small part of a company in bringing my skillset to the team to help he company grow even bigger than it is right now would be an honour.

Favourite moment so far?
My favourite moment so far was definitely having my first deal I opened close at the end of my first month to help break the company’s record! Which was made even sweeter by the fact we had our monthly team quiz and drinks afterwards (Socially distant of course).


We’re thrilled to have you onboard!


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