Jordan SDR

Jordan’s First Month

Jordan’s First Month 512 512 Contracts Advance

What a month it’s been!

We’ve welcomed a few new faces to the team here and Jordan has just finished his first month with us…

Having had four weeks of training and getting used to what we do,  we asked Jordan how his first month has been.

How have you found your first month at Contracts Advance?
Fantastic onboarding process, even when it had to be done remotely. Great training so far and have had help wherever needed.

Given the unprecedented circumstances we’re all finding ourselves in, we hope your first month has been good! Was it what you expected or …?
Even in the current circumstances I have found CA adapted really well and the role has been as expected.

What are the team like?
Very welcoming and due to the small size everyone knows everyone very well, most people refer to the team as the CA family and it feels that way too.

What would you like to achieve over the next month?
Consistently over achieving targets and bringing great value into the business.

Favourite moment so far?
Booking a demo on my first call!


We’re happy to have you with us! Keep up the good work!


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