Sam’s First Month

Sam’s First Month 512 512 Contracts Advance

Welcome to Sam!

Sam joined us just over a month again, as our new financial year began! Let’s see how he’s getting on!

How have you found your first month at Contracts Advance?
Excellent, everyone has been so helpful and friendly. Such a good environment to work in and the team makes it even better!

Given the unprecedented circumstances we’re all finding ourselves in, we hope your first month has been good! Was it what you expected or …?
Yes and no, it’s the first time I have joined a business with such a high
proportion of the team working remotely.
It’s surprising how effective we all work together in this environment and definitely something I am behind.

What are the team like?
Collaborative, knowledgeable and you are never short of a chuckle!

What would you like to achieve over the next month?
Consistently win work with new clients, build a network on LinkedIn of Business Development and Bid professionals and add value back into our team and that network.

Favourite moment so far?
Not sure if it counts as it’s before I started… but the end of year BBQ. It was a great introduction to the business and meeting the team.


We’re super excited to have you with us!


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