Case Study – Certes IT Service Solutions

Case Study – Certes IT Service Solutions


About Certes IT Service Solutions

Certes has been established for nearly 40 years and helps organisations access the best Digital Solutions and IT Talent, as well as Technology based IT, Digital Resourcing and Project Solutions.

About Simon Churan

Prior to working as a Bid Consultant for Certes, Simon was the MD and worked for Certes for 30 years as an employee.

The Challenge

We found other providers to be clunky with no ease of use. They lacked the benefits such as CPV codes being linked to opportunities, streamlined FOI processes and advisory support for bids. This made the process more laborious and time-consuming. We also wanted to make sure that we had advance visibility of contracts coming up for retender as well as live tenders.

The Solution – Contracts Advance

Immediately we could see that the Contracts Advance Software app would allow for advance visibility, allowing us to build an
accurate pipeline of work, plan ahead and facilitate pre-bid engagement. We knew we would benefit from knowing which competitors were winning business in the public sector, and importantly, which organisations were buying similar services to ours.

“Over a long period of time the business has given great support and been reliable.”

Key benefits

Implementing Contracts Advance

During the implementation of the software, we found the team to be extremely helpful, friendly and quick to respond to any queries. We’ve also recently upgraded our subscription from Discover to Explore and we’ve found the same to be true for this implementation.

The Outcomes

Explore gives us exactly what we need! The integrated FOI requests are going to be invaluable to our Business Development
team. Without the app this process can be long-winded and hassled. We have also won some very difficult framework opportunities with the help of Contracts Advance! Their advisory team and services are excellent and come highly recommended from ourselves.

Since implementing Contracts Advance in 2016, we’ve realised several core benefits including:

“Contracts Advance has contributed to a win-rate that we’re really proud of.”

“Contracts Advance is a responsive and intelligent team offering a professional and personal service – more so than we’d be able to achieve elsewhere.”

“I’ve never missed a tender opportunity. I use CPV codes in my searches to make sure I use the system effectively.”

“The training on social value was extremely helpful.”

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